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My Story

The pursuit of perfection has been both a blessing and a burden in my life. In High School my desire to avoid all "evil" food and look "modelesque" led me towards a disordered relationship with food and my body. 


I spent years living with no energy and fearing food. This experience led me on an emotional, physical, and mental journey towards health, wellness, and food freedom.

If you’re anything like me, the desire to achieve perfection can haunt you like a dark shadow. Therefore, the phrase “perfectly imperfect” has become a bit of a life motto for me. As a recovering perfectionist, I am striving to live my life with more grace for others and for myself. Giving myself the freedom to make more mistakes and to be ok with that.


All About Me

My name is Chelsea and I am a wife, dog lover, mermaid wannabe, and new momma. I am also a certified Teacher with my Master's of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance. As a Nutritional Educator, I am passionate about helping women look and feel beautiful.

My Credentials

I obtained my Bachelor of Education at Trinity Western University and proceeded to spend 7 years working as a teacher. Being an educator has been one of the greatest joys in my life because of the beautiful relationship I have been blessed to have with my students. 

My passion for biology and nutrition has been unwavering since I was a kid. Coming from an eating disorder background I have always been a little obsessed with reading books on nutrition. This love of health and wellness led me to complete my Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance. 

My role as a Nutrition Educator and Consultant is very important to me because it enables me to seamlessly combine my skills of teaching with nutrition. It is a privilege to help serve people through education, mindfulness, and sustainable lifestyle changes. 

My Food Philosophy

Food can be medicine for both the body and the soul. Unfortunately, food can also be a weapon we use to hurt ourselves. This abuse can manifest in the form of emotional eating, binging, starving, and overindulging. 

Food freedom means eating without counting. Calorie counting. Macronutrient counting. Excessive tracking and planning. It means learning to eat intuitively. To honour our bodies with food and to allow ourselves to enjoy our favourite foods without guilt or shame. 


We no longer demonize foods or use the concept of "cheating." We use the power of education, mindset, and sustainable, simple substitutions to be empowered by what and when we eat.  

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