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We're going to guide you on this journey toward healing and recovery. You wouldn't set out to climb Everest without a guide and you shouldn't have to figure out how to heal your body by yourself. 


Our hope is to give you the ability to live your life again. 


Eosinophilic esophagitis is still a relatively new disease, which means there is not a lot of information out there. This lack of guidance leads a lot of EoE patients to feel overwhelmed and underserved.

If you are anything like us, EoE has left you feeling confused, scared, and hopeless. My husband has EoE and when he started showing symptoms 4 years ago we had no idea what his diagnosis was.

Through experimentation and research, we were able to nourish him through his dysphagia on an all-liquid diet, find the root cause through an elimination diet, and begin to cure him completely of this autoimmune disease by healing his gut and reducing his inflammation.


It's time for you to save time trying to find a solution and free yourself from suffering unnecessarily.We have walked this path and we want to help guide, support, and encourage you on your own healing journey.  

These ebooks are designed to help educate you on why you may be experiencing EoE, help you discover your root cause, overcome your symptoms, and heal your body from this autoimmune condition.   

Be Free From EoE (5 Ebook Bundle Set)

  • What You Get When You Buy

    Ebook 1: Understanding EoE

    Learn about what EoE is, what causes it, and what steps you need to take in order to heal it. 


    Ebook 2: Dysphagia Guide

    Discover what dysphagia is, how to manage it, and how to nourish your body with safe recipes. 


    Ebook 3: Elimination Diet

    Explore the various elimination diets, how to properly follow them, and learn how to avoid micronutrient deficiencies.


    Ebook 4: Reintroduction Guide

    Learn when and how to properly follow a reintroduction diet plan. Includes helpful worksheets to simplify the process. 


    Ebook 5: Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle  

    Discover the importance of lowering inflammation and healing the gut through sustainable lifestyle changes. 


    Healthy Recipe Books

    Two recipe books filled with over 75 anti-inflammatory recipes to nourish you during both dysphagia and elimination diet. 

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