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How Ozempic Is Curing Addiction

In this week’s video, I’m sharing some breaking news on Ozempic. Not only is this semaglutide medication helping people lose a ton of weight, but it's also helping people fight addictions, such as alcohol, smoking, food, and more!

We also briefly look at its other positive side effects, such as its ability to help improve blood sugar, digestive health, and even heart health.

I know one of the main pushbacks against these drugs is that people call it “cheating” to lose weight this way. And I do agree that even if you take these drugs you do need to make more lifestyle choices to improve your health. But sometimes a medicine like this can empower people to begin to feel confident in their bodies or to finally be able to combat their cravings or to help them conquer some of their addictions, which may be the catalyst someone needs to begin to eat better and workout and sleep more and all those things.

Humans are complicated. Weight loss is complicated. Health is complicated.

Try your best not to judge someone who is just trying to make one thing in their life a little less complicated.

Here’s what I’m sharing with you in this video:

  • What Ozempic is

  • How it helps to curb addiction by boosting dopamine

  • Other positive side effects


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