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5 Tips To Grow Your Hair SUPER Long

Short Hair Regrets

Years ago I cut my hair super super short. I had just started my career as a teacher and I wanted to look more mature and grown up. Taylor Swift, who has been a hair idol of mine for forever, had just cut her hair for her 1989 album and I LOVED it!

In an instant my long curly locks were gone and short, straight hair was my new style.

I loved my hair like this for awhile until I realized how much work it is for a naturally curly head of hair to be straightened every day. I quickly began to realize that I wanted my long hair back...However, my body had decided that long hair was no longer in the cards for me.

I spent YEARS trying to grow my hair back and FINALLY my hair has grown back and is actually the longest its ever been!

These are the 5 things I did to launch my hair growth!

1. I Started Taking Biotin Supplements

I absolutely loooooove eating these biotin gummies! They are so delicious that sometimes I eat more than I should...😬

I don't think these give you results right away but being consistent with them and consuming them every day really seemed to make a big difference for me.

2. I Started Eating 2 Eggs Every Day

I wrote more about the nutritional power of eggs in this post but one thing I mention is how it really helped my hair growth!

One of the main reasons is because eggs are so full of nutrients! When our body is properly nourished it starts to thrive. In fact, eggs are considered a hair superfood (2). They are full of Vitamins A & E, as well as biotin and folate, which help to thicken hair and nourish the scalp. Eggs can also help prevent postpartum hair loss.

3. I RARELY Put Heat On My Hair

Now this one was REALLY hard for me to do for YEARS.

Because I cut my hair super short, and my hair is curly, I looked crazy if I didn't straighten my hair. Like a little Shirley Temple. Defs not the vibe I was going for.

Constantly putting heat on my hair through blow dryers and straighteners made my hair completely stop growing.

It was really hard at first to let my natural curls come through again but I got used to it and it was really worth it because it skyrocketed my hair growth.

4. I Purchased Hair Extensions

So because I didn't want to look like Shirley Temple and I wanted to go without heat tools but my hair was still super short I actually invested in some hair extensions.

I went to Millionhairs Salon and got micro bead hair extensions. It cost a lot of money, and required a lot of maintenance, but they looked beautiful and helped me grow out my hair.

In order to style my hair extension hair I would either braid it at night or put this hair device in my hair to give me big curls.

5. I Started Taking A Loaded Multivitamin & DHA Supplement

Can you see a common theme here? It's funny because I am not usually a huge consumer of supplements but it really did make a big difference in my hair.

When we were starting to try for a baby I started consuming these nutrient-rich prenatal vitamins. I swear by this DHA vitamin and this prenatal vitamin. I have continued to consume them while I’ve been nursing and I haven’t lost any hair postpartum (except for normal shedding). The great thing about these vitamins is that even though they may have a more "prenatal" focus, ANYONE can use them!


Be Patient With Your Hair

It is soooo hard to be patient with your hair growth; trust me, I know. Try your best though to be patient. Your hair WILL grow, it just might take a few tips and some time.

Eventually I hope you'll be able to have the hair you long for and deserve.


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