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The Best Red Lipstick For 2021

Fall is in the air and winter is just around the corner. When seasons change I don’t just like to change my clothes, but also my scents and makeup colours. I find the easiest, boldest way to make a colour statement is with my lipstick choice. This season? Red baby!

Currently, my absolutely favourite lipstick is MAC Russian Red. I get compliments EVERY time I wear it. I can wear an all-black outfit and bring a colour pop through my lips. How great is that!?!

I’ve talked to girls who like the idea of wearing red lipstick but they are terrified that they are going to have a red mess all over their face. Never fear ladies! Here are some step-by-step tips to make your lips lovely and luscious!

Steps For A Perfect Pout:

  1. Make sure that your foundation and/or concealer (NARS is the BEST) is already on.

  2. Put some lip balm on your lips to allow some moisturizing power (I find my lips always dry out in the winter).

  3. Pat your hand or a cloth over your lips to absorb some of the lip balm.

  4. Carefully apply your red lipstick.

  5. Rub your lips together to gain an even colour.

  6. Take a small piece of tissue and press your lips against it to take off any excess.

  7. Voila! Now you have long-lasting, gorgeous red lips.

My sister and I both LOVE this colour!

What are you waiting for? Amp up your lipstick game this holiday season!


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