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The Only Product You Will Ever Need For Curly Hair

I have naturally curly hair. I did not know this fact until I was plagued by evil cowlicks in Grade 6. I thought my hair was evil and out of control. I hated my hair. I loathed my hair. I completely misunderstood my hair.

The thing I have gotten the most compliments about in life is my hair.

Never in a million years would I have believed that my hair was something worth complimenting. However, after a good haircut, some layers, and a DREAM product I found that my curls were not only manageable but beautiful.

The key to beautiful curls is layers.

I had no idea that my curly hair needed layers for it to shine. If you are wanting to add some oomph to your curls make sure to ask your stylist to layer your hair. Shorter layers will cause more ringleted curls and longer layers will produce more wavy curls.

Best product of life?

Bouncy Cream! This cream is AMAZING! I’ve tried many other products and NONE of them are as wonderful as this one. You’ll never get dry clumps in your hair. Bouncy Cream creates soft, moveable curls without any frizz. I’m serious. Ditch your current product and try this stuff out. I’ve been using it for over 10 years and I have never turned back. It’s affordable, lasts forever, and creates the smoothest curls you could imagine.

As times change so can your hair look.

My current “curl look” is much softer than my past, ringlet look. The key to that has been to have long layers in my hair and to use a flat iron, instead of a curling iron, to fix any flat curls.

What is your experience with curly hair? Do you love it? Hate it? Wish you had curls? Wish your hair was poker straight?

Remember you truly are beautiful the way you are! Play with some new products and feel confident in your natural beauty. You’re a work of art, regardless of if your hair is perfect or not. Embrace your perfect imperfections and your glorious hair, whether it’s curly, wavy or straight.


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