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Easy & Tasty Vegan Ice Cream

Ever desired to become vegan but couldn’t say no to all the divine dairy products out there? Here is a recipe to help save you some sanity. This banana ice cream is delicious and is a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Banana Ice Cream

Serves 1-2


  1. 2 bananas, sliced and frozen

  2. 1/4 cup milk of choice (e.g. almond, coconut, rice)

  3. 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

  4. 2-3 tsp maple syrup or sweetener of choice (e.g. stevia, honey, dates)


  1. Place the frozen banana slices into a blender or food processor and let thaw for a few minutes. Add the milk, vanilla extract, and maple syrup and blend until soft and creamy. Feel free to add some of the additional add ins to the mix to change the flavour of your ice cream.

  2. Enjoy!

Additional Add Ins:

  1. Cocoa powder

  2. Cinnamon

  3. Pumpkin

  4. Berries

  5. Chai

  6. Instant Coffee

  7. Nut Butter

The possibilities are endless!


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