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Essential Baby Items From Amazon

I don’t know about you, but I swear everyone in my life is either pregnant or at home on maternity leave. Hello, baby season!

I spent SO many hours researching what items I needed to buy for my newborn. What were the best items? What could come to my house at a convenient time? I was pregnant during COVID so I didn’t want to go out too much, therefore, Amazon was my saving grace.

A lot of websites show you the “designer” gear for babies. Goodness, I do NOT have that kind of money. I wanted quality items that wouldn’t break the bank. These items are good “midrange” baby products and honestly, I love all of them.

I swear a box from Amazon comes to my house almost every day. It is a little bit ridiculous but it honestly saved me during pregnancy. I was even able to put my baby shower registry on there! Talk about easy! People could just go online, buy an item from their couch, and it would ship to me.

If you’re like me and you have no idea where to start or what to buy here are the essential baby items I purchased off of Amazon.

Sleep Accessories

Crib: Not a lot to say…It’s just lovely.

Mattress: “100% Breathable Proven to Reduce Suffocation Risk.” Need I say more?

Mattress Protector: Soft bamboo material, absorbent, and breathable. Sold!

Sheets: I love the designs on these sheets. So cute!

Owlet: Words cannot express how much I LOVE this little device. Like…I can’t imagine having a baby without it. I go to bed anxiety-free because I know it will notify me if ANYTHING happened to my precious baby. It is worth every penny. I could go on forever about this device. You will not regret buying it.

Newborn Sleep Sack: I LOVE this thing! It helped Ari sleep really well during the newborn stage because it kept her hands wrapped in place. It also made her look like a little starfish, which was adorable.

Driving & Walking Essentials

Joovy Qool Stroller: I spent WEEKS researching strollers. I finally decided to get the Joovy and I have zero regrets. This stroller is the bomb. Like, for real. It has excellent tires for walking trailers, TONS of storage space in the bottom (I grocery shop with it), and you can attach four kids to it! It looks like an Uppa but has a better price point.

Universal Stroller Organizer: This organizer goes perfectly with the Joovy. It allows me to have coffee, my phone, my visa, and my keys easily.

Carseat: My brother-in-law is “Mr. Safety” and he bought this car seat for his son. It has been our little’s one’s haven and I love knowing it’s super safe.

Carseat Adaptor For Stroller: This attachable allows you to put the Graceco Carseat on the stroller.

Diaper Bag: Ok…I never wanted to be the mom with the “diaper bag.” THIS purse does NOT look like a diaper bag. It is cute and feminine and I have received so many compliments on it. It also stores sooooo much stuff.

ErgoBaby: I am not a huge fan of wraps (like the Beluga Baby). I just found them difficult to put on. What’s wonderful about the Ergo Omni 360 is that you can put newborn babies in them! Just follow the instructions, clip them in, and you’re good to go.

Toilettries & Health Items

Vitamin D & Probiotics: New baby’s need extra vitamin D and probiotics are recommended to increase their gut microflora. I trust this brand and Ari seems to like the drops.

Change Pad: I didn’t actually purchase this one for myself; I bought it for my sister. I was given a free one by a friend. However, my sister says she loves this one and it has great reviews!

Diapers: I have tried numerous diaper brands and Huggies have consistently been my favourite. I find they’re especially nice if your baby is tiny like Ari has been.

Wipes: Huggies again 🙂 I really like their sensitive brand.

Oogie Bear (Nose & Ear Cleaner): This thing is awesome! Ari does NOT like it but it really helps me get rid of those boogers. Also, it is so fun to say “oogie bear.”

Baby Toiletries Set: My mom bought this for me and it has everything you need for grooming.

Electric Nail File: This guy is fantastic! Ari cut her face a few times with her nails, which I hated. This nail file makes it so easy and quick to trim her nails.

Soother: I tried SO many soothers! Ari kept spitting them out. This one? I think she has a mild addiction to it. Like…I have 5 of them so that there is always one near her.

Soother Clips: I love these because (as I mentioned before) my daughter is a mild soother addict. I keep one of these clipped to her in the car and it is fantastic.

I can’t even handle how much I love that little face.

What are you waiting for? Go “treat yo self” and your baby 😘.


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