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How To Change Your Habits & Change Your Life

I’ve been recently reflecting on changes. How do we make changes? How do those changes become long-lasting instead of just a short fad in our lives?

I believe it all comes down to our habits.

I recently listened to a podcast that talked about not making goals; instead, focusing on changing your habits.

If you set a goal you have the potential to not meet it and, therefore, fail. However, if you seek to change a habit there is FAR more grace with that concept. Changing habits are hard but they are also much longer-lasting and powerful. In order to achieve results, we need to work on changing our habits. 

Changing Fitness Habits

For a while, I was really trying to get to the next level of fitness and body tone. I was getting super frustrated though because it felt like nothing was working for me. When I expressed my frustration with my husband he actually laughed at me! I was shocked until he explained his reaction. He told me that it was awesome that I was setting new goals for myself; however, I wasn’t doing anything drastically different to attain these new goals.

I was still doing the same kind of exercise routine and my eating barely changed. He told me that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Although he did not mean to imply that I was insane, I understood where he was coming from.

So what did I decide to do differently…A whole different exercise routine! It wasn’t that my fitness routine was bad; however, if I wanted different results it was time to try a different method.

It was time to strength train.

Yes, I did it. I went to a gym filled with sweaty men and lifted heavy things. Oh man…Not my natural zone but sometimes you have to do hard things for hardcore changes to occur.

Ok, so future me here…Strength training at the gym was NOT my thing. Why? I didn’t enjoy it and it was not sustainable.

One of the ways to make transformational fitness changes is to find things that you actually enjoy.

Here are some workouts I ended up loving:

  1. John Benton Model Fit

  2. Tracy Anderson Method

  3. Bikini Body Workout

What is something you want to change in your life?

Are you wanting to become more fit? Eat healthier? Lose weight? Be happier? Learn contentment? Slow down? 

What habits can you work on to allow for these changes to occur?

Here’s an example of something I’m working on…I want to drink less caffeine. I’ve been noticing that my cup of coffee in the day has now become a cup of coffee in the day and a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Not such a bad thing, right? True, but I’m finding myself becoming more dependent on caffeine to fuel me. How am I going to work on this habit? Well, first of all, I need to recognize it. Then I want to substitute my afternoon coffee for something more healthy, like a hot lemon or herbal tea. 

Be patient with yourself

Habits take time so have grace for yourself as you adjust your habits to reflect the life you want to live. If you want to be a healthy, fit person start looking at your life and adjusting the things that prevent you from your dream.

Remember, you are beautiful and you can live a beautiful life. 

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