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I Will Never Be Satisfied

That title is giving me major Hamilton vibes. Hopefully, the song is now in your head as you read this post 😋.

Does anyone else feel like the absolute hardest thing in life is being contented where you’re at? Oh to be content. Satisfied. Fulfilled. Happy. Sometimes the hardest thing in life is just being ok with who you are and where you’re at. Why is it so hard? I could so easily say, well if I was thinner. Or if I was richer. Or if I had a job I loved. And so on and so forth.

There is always something we’re going to want. There’s always going to be someone prettier, smarter, thinner, richer, wiser. I remember one of my favourite speakers, Andy Stanley, saying that there’s “No win in comparison.” Ok Andy, I totally agree; however, how on earth do I stop comparing myself to others?

It starts in your heart and then moves into your mind and then suddenly the way you live is different. I’m currently fighting a season of discontent. I keep thinking that if external circumstances change I’ll actually feel as happy as I pretend to be. Ya, pretty pathetic eh?

If you’re anything like me I hope this post will help fill you with some hope or at least an empathetic friend.

My parents used to always tell me that I am the one who chooses my attitude. I hated it when they told me that. However, they were right. It is my choice to be either content or discontent with my life. It is my choice to see satisfaction and happiness in how I look or where my life is at.

I can choose to look in the mirror and see beauty or I can allow those dark thoughts of ugliness to cloud my judgement. I don’t want darkness in my life. I want light. I want joy.

Instead of seeing the mess in my house, I want to see the love that was put into making that mess. The hours of cooking, and mealtime together, and conversation.

Imperfectly perfect. That’s how I choose to be. Perfectly content with my imperfections.

And oddly enough, it makes me like myself a little more each and every day.


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