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Beautiful Boho Dresses Under $50 (P.S. They’re Perfect For Baby Showers & Photoshoots)

What Are The Best Maternity Dresses For Photoshoots?

I spent hours looking at beautiful maternity dresses that women were wearing to photo shoots and baby showers; however, all of the dresses were SO EXPENSIVE!

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to spend all of my money on maternity dresses. I wanted to buy beautiful dresses that I could wear again when I was NOT pregnant.

These dresses and shapewear items are THE BOMB! I legitimately love all of them and have shared them with some family and friends for their baby showers and photo shoots. What is even better is that these dresses look fantastic on a pregnant AND on a non-pregnant person.

Photos by Jenna Johannesson Photography

Helpful Tip:

I bought all of these dresses in my normal non-pregnancy size. I usually wear a size small so I purchased all of these dresses in that size.

Orange Vintage Ruffled Half Sleeve Flowy Long Dresses (X-Small): Same dress as the green one; however, I loved it so much I got it in a shade I could wear in the fall.

Pink Linen Lantern Sleeves Ruffled Off-Shoulder Midi Dresses (Small): So cute and comfortable! I wore this to school my last day teaching (suuuuuuper pregnant!) and at my friend’s baby shower when I was 2 months postpartum. Super girly and cute.

Navy Women’s Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress (Small): This dress is so comfortable and gorgeous. I wore it for cute dates while being pregnant and recently wore it for a family photoshoot showcasing the new grandbabies. It is also so cute in white.

Green Vintage Ruffled Half Sleeve Flowy Long Dresses (X-Small): This dress I actually bought a size smaller than I usually do, based on the reviews saying it ran large. I LOVE this dress. I not only wore it in our newborn photoshoot (pictures above) but I also wore it to my baby shower. Beautiful dress!

White Floral Lace Short Sleeve Maxi Dress (Small): There is an almost identical dress to this one on PinkBlush but it cost DOUBLE the price! My sister wore this dress in our family photoshoot. So gorgeous.

Franato Maternity Shapewear (Small): Words cannot express how WONDERFUL these shorts are. I wore them almost every day during my 3rd trimester and all summer while I was postpartum. I don’t think I will ever wear a dress ever again without shorts like these! They made my tummy feel supported and I didn’t have to worry when I bent over or sat on the floor. Perfection.

3 Packs Women’s Seamless Bandeau Crop Tube Top Bra (Medium): I don’t know about you, but my boobs just kept growing while being pregnant! And then when I started nursing…Goodness, none of my old bras fit! I wanted to get a comfortable strapless bra but had NO CLUE what to get! I tried these out and they were a winner! Great for pregnancy, easy for nursing, and comfortable.


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