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Christmas Gifts For The Wellness Guru

Need some help finding gifts? Here are some ideas for the person in your life dedicated to wellness, health, fitness, and self-care.

I bought this book in September and it has become such a fabulous resource in my life! I am fascinated by the lymphatic system and its ability to naturally detox the body. Not only can it help heal your body from toxins, but removing toxins also has a beauty effect on the body and can help with things like cellulite and even weight loss! This book has tons of visual examples of how to practice lymphatic massages on your face and body. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

I don't know about you but I love some good resistance bands. However, I HATE the regular kinds of bands! I find that regular bands don't stay in place and often get all twisty, these bands are sooooo much better than that! They stay in place and actually provide valuable resistance to your workouts. I love using them during workout classes, such as LEKfit, Moves By Madeline, Pvolve, and Forma.

I'll admit that I am a total Starbucks water bottle snob. That being said these water bottles have converted me. They come in SO many colours and keep water beautifully cold. My husband owns the black one and he says that it is helping him drink more water, due to it having a straw.

I love Lululemon yoga mats but as I was practicing the Tracy Anderson Method I found that I needed more room! I got this Square36 mat for my birthday and it has been a game-changer for all of my workouts. I have so much more space to work out and I can even put my Lulu mat on top of this for extra cushion. I seriously love this mat and can't imagine working out without it!

I have been a fan of Fitbit for a very very long time and this Versa 2 watch is one of my favourite purchases. Not only does it track your sleeping, movement, step count, heart rate, and more but it also notifies you of text messages and phone calls! There are tons of apps that you can connect to the watch but, honestly, I just love using it to track my workouts and to notify me of people trying to contact me. It also comes in this GORGEOUS rose colour!

Having a set of light weights is a great purchase and I love this set because it also comes with a stand! So many workouts require 3lb, 5lb, or 8lb weights so this gift is perfect for the person who loves to try various workouts and wants to lift light weights. I also think the colours are so pretty!

My basic ankle weights keep ripping, which is why I started to look at silicone ankle weights. Not only are they more durable but they are so much cuter! I swear every workout I do from Melissa Wood Health to Tracy Anderson requires ankle weights so these are a must for your fitness fanatic friend!

My husband introduced us to this device because all of the fire halls had one of these. I LOVE using the Maxtrainer for a quick, hard, efficient workout. It is fabulous because it doesn't take up a lot of space but it delivers a great workout. I like to follow their 14-minute HIIT workout or just go on it like I would an elliptical for an endurance workout while watching a show. SUCH a great piece of fitness equipment!

I am a huge fan of Dr. Mark Hyman and I love that he created a cookbook based on his book, What The Heck Should I Eat. It is filled with easy, tasty recipes and is great for both foodies and health-conscious people. Mark's goal is to help people eat more whole, real food so this cookbook does just that.

My dad owns these, my husband owns these, and I am getting these for Christmas! Yay! I LOVE the Kim K colours so I requested this set in dune. What I love so much about these earbuds is that they are noise cancelling, sweat resistant, and stay in your ears during an intense workout. I can't wait to get these beauties on Christmas!


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