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Beautiful Non-Maternity Skirts For Work (For Pregnant & Non-Pregnant Women)

I love wearing a cute skirt to work. They’re comfortable, classy, and feminine. When I was pregnant I didn’t want to buy a brand new wardrobe so I ended up purchasing non-maternity items that I could use during pregnancy and after. I LOVED wearing these skirts and ADORABLE overall set.

I didn’t love showing off my bump so I found flowy maxi skirts to be the most flattering on my body. I did enjoy one tighter skirt though, which looked amazing paired with a flowy cardigan or blazer.

Beautiful Skirts To Try

Green Flowy Maxi Skirt: If this skirt doesn’t make you twirl, I don’t know what will! It is a beautiful, long skirt that looks amazing in pictures or with you swish swish swooping down the hallway. Such a classy skirt.

Pink Pleated Skirt (Aritzia Dupe): I LOVE Aritzia’s pleated skirts; however, I didn’t want to stretch mine out when I was pregnant. I found this dupe and loved it! The material isn’t as nice as the Aritzia skirt but it is half the price so it’s totally worth it! Amazon has TONS of colours too!

Green Polka Dot Skirt: Doesn’t this skirt just scream teacher!? I love this skirt. It is so professional and feminine.

Leopard Print Skirt (FAVOURITE!): Ok, this skirt is my favourite! Why? It is just the perfect pattern and it looked GORGEOUS worn with a black tank top, a black blazer, and a cute pair of black boots (these are the best boots in the world). Outfit perfection.

Black Flowy Jumpsuit: What do you want to wear during your 3rd trimester? Only comfy things. This jumpsuit was perfection. I wore it more than almost anything else. It looked cute on my belly and felt like I was wearing nothing.

Bodycon Skirt: As I said earlier, this skirt looks beautiful with a flowy cardigan. It is a tight skirt, which makes your waist and butt look great (if you have a waist at the time that is 😏). Gorgeous skirt.


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