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Christmas Gifts He’ll Love

I don’t know about you but I find it SO hard to buy gifts for men. I mean, when it comes to the women in my life I LOVE buying their gifts because what they want I also often want. But with men…I just don’t know what they want!

I decided that I would talk to the men in my life to see what items they had bought this past year that they LOVED.

Welcome to the list. 😘

Codenames Party Game: If you haven’t played this game you NEED to try it! It’s such a fun party game, especially for people who like social games. I just bought it for my brother and his fiancé so I’m hoping to play it with them this Christmas break. 🥳

Introducing Echo Show: This item is for the person you want to spoil this Christmas. Amazon’s Alexa Show is EVERYTHING all in one place! Your bluetooth speaker, mini TV, photo frame, calendar, and so much more. We love ours.

Computer Speaker System with Bluetooth: My dad is a music junkie and he just bought these speakers for his office. Great set of speakers.

Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre-Workout: My husband works, loves on our family, and then works out…a lot. I mean 3 hour workouts…really!? He has been taking this pre-workout mix and he seems to love it. If you have a man in your life who loves the gym then this is the gift for them.

Gaming Mouse Pad: Isn’t this mouse pad GORGEOUS!?! My dad has this on his desk and it makes his office look beautiful! Have a brother who loves to game or a family member who works on their computer all day? This gift is both practical and beautiful.

Layrite Cement Hair Clay: My husband cares a lot about what his hair looks like. I mean, he uses the blowdryer more than I do! This is the only hair product he will use (and he has tried LOTS). Got a man who loves his hair? This gift is perfect for him.

The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom: This book is beautiful. I bought it for my husband on his birthday because he has been feeling really down and I wanted to give him a book that would both encourage him and meet him where he was at.

Adjustable Standing Desk: My husband bought this desk…then my dad bought this desk…now my brother has this desk. It is a great desk. All three of them work at their computer so having a standing desk has been a gift for their health and their backs. It also looks really nice.

Lucky Shot Real Bullet Whiskey Glass Set: These glasses are so cool! I saw them on Amazon and I’m thinking of buying them for my brother-in-law or husband! They both love whiskey so it would be perfect.

Hamilton Beach Belgian Style Flip Waffle Maker: I think that Luke asks me for waffles every weekend…So much so that we broke our last waffle maker. 🙈 This waffle maker is THE BOMB! It makes amazing waffles. Got a man who loves brunch? Spoil him with this.

BB-8 Sculpted Ceramic Mug: Ummmm this is amazing. The picture sells itself!

Spikeball Game Set: If you have never played spikeball you need to play spikeball! Such a fun game! Perfect for the beach, the backyard, parking lots (that’s where I played my first game lol)…really anywhere.


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