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Best Non-Maternity Dresses For Pregnancy

I found being pregnant quite difficult. Growing bigger instead of getting smaller was a definite mental battle for me. However, I found that wearing the right outfit TOTALLY helped me because then I was able to feel cute and pretty.

I didn’t want to buy a completely new wardrobe so I spent a lot of time looking for outfits that I could wear during pregnancy and after. Therefore, I bought almost no maternity clothes.

Crazy right?

I also wanted my clothes to come to me quickly without me having to leave the house. The solution…Amazon baby!

During COVID I literally lived off of Amazon. Free shipping in 2 days? Yes, please!

Maxi Dresses For The Win

Wearing maxi dresses was PERFECT because they perfectly covered my bump, were comfortable, and I can wear them next spring pregnancy-free.

Women’s Short-Sleeve Waisted Maxi Dress: This dress was the one I wore the most in my pregnancy! It was super comfortable, stylish, and flattering. I loved wearing it with a lace kimono or cozy cardigan.

Womens Tank Waisted Maxi Dress: When the weather started to get warmer I thought I was going to DIE! Why is everything 100,000x hotter when you’re pregnant!? This little number helped me cool off and avoid looking all sweaty. I loved wearing it with a short, white sweater.

Women’s Surplice Maxi Dress: Not only was this a great dress to wear to work when I was pregnant but it was also a FABULOUS nursing dress. My chiropractor told me that when you’re nursing you just want to find outfits where you can easily whip out your boobs. Well…This one is great for that.

Women’s Short Sleeve Long Maxi Dress with Pockets: Classy, adorable, comfortable, and…it has pockets. Sold!

Women Causal Hoodie Maxi Dress: This dress has been a favourite of mine both being pregnant and now postpartum. It is so cozy and cute! A dress with a hood and pockets is just a winner in my book.

Women Long Lace Kimono: You NEED this kimono! I wore it with all of the above dresses, as well as cute shorts for summer and bathing suits. It makes every outfit you own so much cuter!

If you’re looking for some more vintage style dresses that work for both pregnancy and after this post will help you out. Or if you need some beautiful skirts for work (whether pregnant or not) these ones are to die for! If you just had a baby (congrats!) here are some great baby products to purchase.

Know that you are beautiful, no matter what clothes you are wearing. Hopefully these suggestions can help you feel confident and pretty no matter what season of life you’re in.

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