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John Benton Fitness To Get You Model Fit

The other day when Luke and I were on a walk I asked him if he thought people would be getting MORE or LESS fit during this pandemic. His response? Less fit. It’s funny because I thought the complete opposite. People have more time, right? Why wouldn’t they get MORE fit?

Well, regardless of where you stand on the fitness question, I think now is a time to CHOOSE to get more fit!

I think we should leave this pandemic being changed in some way, whether emotionally, mentally, or even physically. Take this time to grow and become your best self.

That’s where John Benton Model Fitness comes in.

Who Is John Benton?

John Benton is a brilliant personal trainer from Dallas, Texas. His website describes how he is known for “making amazing strides in hip and waist reduction and creating long, lean muscles.”

AKA the hip whisperer.

John trains mostly models and beauty pageant women because they have very particular measurements they need to attain or maintain for these jobs. However, his workouts work AMAZINGLY for the everyday woman too and his results are seriously crazy.

His Workout Method

His workouts are a HIT, circuit style that don’t require a lot of equipment and can be done with none. There is a lot of cardio, ab movements, and leg work. He has four model-specific workouts that you can buy and he is even offering streaming classes right now during COVID (woo hoo!).

I think the biggest thing I love about his method is the insane results. Check out his Instagram, it’s pretty crazy.

The below circuit example is not from any of his plans (because that wouldn’t be super cool of me) BUT it is inspired by his workouts.

JB Method Inspired Circuit (each workout has around 5 different circuits similar to this one)




Repeat this circuit 3x

Something I love about John’s method is that it is easy to follow, cardio-filled, and ab-focused. Something I notice from all of his clients is their beautiful stomach definition. This would be a great workout to try, especially before summer!

Workout Equipment


When it comes to nutrition John says that he doesn’t provide meal plans; rather, if you do a phone consultation with him he will give you a personalized nutrition plan. The biggest thing he talks about is meal timing. Such as not consuming a lot of protein after a workout (to avoid muscle gain) and to not eat starchy carbs after 3pm (to avoid fat gain).

John says that a lot of his models/clients already eat really well; therefore, he just has to tweak their eating.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is the power of small changes. When it comes to food and nutrition this idea is HUGE and can give you crazy results.

For example, taking small things out of your diet (cheese, nuts, chocolate, etc.) for a short period of time can help your body get the results you are craving. Also, not eating from 7pm-7am (aka 12-hour fasting) can be a GREAT way to lose some extra weight because your body can go into fat-burning mode all evening and night.

If you’re curious, I did a little bit more research about his nutrition method and wrote another post about it here.

Would I Recommend This Method?

I would definitely recommend this workout method, especially if you are trying to shrink your hips and waist. This pandemic might be a great time to try a new workout method, especially with summer coming so soon.

The only thing I don’t love about his method is that it can get a little boring. You repeat each small circuit 3x and do a lot of hip twists, butt kicks, and crunches. I can imagine that this would be a great workout to do with a bunch of friends but it can become a bit monotonous by yourself.

I think it is important to recognize that you can have the body you desire. All it takes is work, dedication, and strategy. Maybe John’s method is the strategy you have been looking for. Another strategy I LOVE and have been obsessed with is the Tracy Anderson Method.

She followed my dietary guidelines and has been killing it in the gym! This helped her lose 4” on both her hips and waist in just 4 months and we do it in a completely healthy/sustainable way. No crazy meal plans with unhealthy calorie restrictions. John Benton

Overall, I think the best way to achieve your goals is to find a fitness goal you really love.

What do you think? Would you want to give this method a try?


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