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Review: Body Love by Kelly Leveque

Hello lovelies! I have to share with you today the most wonderful book I just read. It’s called Body Love by Kelly Leveque. What a powerful book about nutrition and loving yourself! If you were to summarize her main thesis, or idea, behind her book it would be blood sugar. Kelly provides a brilliant amount of scientific data showing the importance of regulating your blood sugar and not eating foods that would cause it to spike or crash. While reading this book I realized how many things that cause havoc on my blood sugar! I love eating fruit, graze and snack far too often, and don’t always eat meals with protein and fat in them. I so appreciated Kelly’s insights and have felt a significant amount of energy increase in my life since I started eating in a more balanced way. I love her method because she focuses on eating as not being on a diet; rather, it is all about lifestyle. Amen sister! Preach it! 

Some Golden Nuggets from Kelly’s Book:

Blood sugar balance is managed with proper nutrition.

  1. Balance: protein, fat, fiber, greens

  2. We become slaves to our blood sugar; it causes cravings

  3. Willpower lasts only so long. your biology will always win

  4. “Balanced eating is everything. balance sets you free”

Fructose (fruit sugar) is metabolized differently from other carbohydrates and turns into fat more quickly.

  1. Fructose is broken down 100% in the liver

  2. It becomes glycerol (sugar alcohol) and then converts free fatty acids into fat

  3. The more fructose you consume the more fat you store

  4. Long term excess fructose consumption causes high cholesterol, insulin resistance, and fat build up and in liver and abdomen (lipogenesis)

  5. Our bodies are made to eat fruit seasonally and occasionally

You burn fat and lose weight in between meals.

  1. Frequent eating is unhealthy and detrimental to weight loss goals

  2. Snacks disrupt digestion

The key to success? Starting your day with a Fab4 Smoothie to regulate blood sugar and satiate you all morning long!

  1. Here’s the smoothie formula:

  2. Protein (vegan, collagen, or whey powder)

  3. Fiber (chia, flax seed)

  4. Fat (avocado, coconut oil, walnuts, nut butter)

  5. A handful of greens (spinach, kale)

  6. 1/4 cup fruit (Try not to but if you need to…)

  7. Add superfoods (adaptogens, maca, microgreens, matcha, turmeric)

  8. Liquid (water, coconut water, almond milk, etc.)

Image result for body love fab4 smoothie

Amounts in Fab4 Meals:

  1. Protein: 4-6oz for women, 6-8oz for men

  2. Fat: 2 tbsp

  3. Fiber & Greens: 2-4 cups green vegetables

  4. Fruit: 1/2 cup maximum (best in the morning); as a snack or dessert, but not all 3!

  5. No more than one starchy carb per meal

  6. Reduce dairy to 1-2 servings per week

What are your thoughts on Kelly Leveque’s book? I’ve been having a Fab4 smoothie every day and have been super impressed with how long I am full. It has been hard to cut out so much fruit but I’m giving myself grace and taking baby steps to get there. I still have an apple as an occasional snack and savour the sweet fructose 😉 Life is about moderation; I am aiming to change habits in order to become my best self!

Let me know your thoughts and if you would like me to post some of the yummy smoothie recipes I’ve been making. 


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